Wed-Fri 14-20

Sat 11-20

Sun 12-18

Minimum length 140cm 

Drive 2 X 8 min / 200:- 

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There is 2 options, Our App or login on the computer when you arrive. 

App = Activity box

Drop in 140:- / 8 min

Student & Senior 126:- / 8min

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Mini Race

– Driver and track Breifing
– Timetrail 9 min
– Final 18 varv

6-10 participants 

(time schedule 1-1,5h on track )

11-14 participants 

(time schedule 1,5-2h on track )

15-20 participants 

(time schedule 2h on track)​

Student and Senior Discount 10%

370:-per person


Grand Prix

Our most popular race

– Driver and track Breifing
– Practice 9 min
– Timetrail 9 min
– Final 18 varv

6-10 participants 

(time schedule 1-1,5h on track )

11-14 participants 

(time schedule 1,5-2h on track )

15-20 participants 

(time schedule 2h on track)​

Student and Senior Discount 10% 

430:-per person

2017-04-26 16.15.19.jpg

Special Racet

Our tuffest race

– Driver and track breifing
– Practice 9 min
– Timetrail 2 x 9 min
– Final 25 varv

6-10 participants 

(time schedule 1-1,5h on track )

11-14 participants 

(time schedule 2h on track )

15-20 participants 

(time schedule 2,5h on track)​

Student and Senior Discount 10%

520:-per person 



Team race 

– A team of minimum 2 drivers
– The team that have driven most laps wins the race
–Strategic planning and quick driver changes are the recipe for good team results.


60 min: 16-24st 7200:-
90 min: 24-40st 10800:-
120 minr: 40-60st 14400:-

The minimum number of drivers is 16 st.

Student Discount 10%




Birthday Party

Have your children's party at Gokart City!

- Driver review where we go through, safety on the track, the car's functions, driving technique.

- 2 x 10 minute driving & Award ceremony with medals for the winners and candy bags for all children.

- After driving you have access to the meeting room for 1 hour. There you can bring food, drinks and coffee.

Total time for children's parties is about 2-2.5 hours from arrival.

Children's parties are booked between:

Monday - Friday: 11.00-15.00

Sundays: 13.00-20.00

Up to 10 participants 2600:-

11-15st 3900:-

16-20st 5200:-



Carting School

Runs every Sunday with arrival at 1100.

Open to all children up to 14 years. Minimum length 140cm.

In our go-cart school you will learn everything you need to know to become a good driver.

You will learn the basics of go-carting and racing such as rules, flags, track selection and how to make a safe overtake.

Here, theory is mixed with training and fun exercises on the track.

At least 3 driving passes per occasion

Price 300: - per course.

NOTE! We want you to have an adult in place throughout the course.




In our relax we have flats for a maximum of 14 people.

You have access to 3 showers, sauna and seating area. the package includes towel.




Now we have moved our simulator to the cafeteria. Here you can hit football penalties. Shoot hockey penalties and it also contains some other sports.

Bookings per 30min



Buy Trophies

Buy extra large cups. If you want to have them engraved this must be ordered a week before.



If you are a bigger group of people and want to have dinner after the race. 

Then we can help you by ordering food from Restaurang FEED in Malmoe

Student Discount

Sometimes it is nice with a break from all the studies.

With us you drive at a discounted price.

Book race with the nation or friends.

Come on Drop in!

You find us at:

Lantmannagatan 59d i Malmö