Price: 80: -

* Baguette cheese and ham, green

* Baguette brie and salami, green


120: -

- Chicken wok with noodles and vegetables, soyamajo, focaccia


- Veal lasagna, salad, focaccia



Price 180: -

- Pork tenderloin with potato gratin, pepper sauce, salad, focaccia


- Veal steaks with butter-fried mushrooms and bacon, mushroom sauce, roast potatoes, salad, focaccia


- Salmon butterfly with vegetable rice, lime & chives cream, pickled chili chicken, focaccia




Price 75: -

- Scratchcake with nutella, marshmallows, dumplings & peanuts, cream


- Cheesecake with raspberries and white chocolate

Coffee and VAT included!


Minimum number 10pcs

We serve the food in one of our rooms and we make larger bookings it is important that you stick to 2 dishes. due to warming.

We also help with allergies etc. 

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